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Originally Posted by phrozen06 View Post

I think that technically the ruling might be correct but that what the Repubs did was certainly a gaming of the law/constitution that certain grates against its actual intent and integrity.

If this ruling does stand its appeal(s), then the Senate should alter its procedural rules to prevent such chicanery.

I do think such thing as the Senates Advise and Consent function, as well as its filibuster rules, do need to be tightened up a bit, though not eliminated entirely. Certainly in the recent past, Republicans (though Dems have hardly been innocent either, if not nearly so egregious) have abused both to simply thwart Obama politically where in reality, denying appointments and use of the filibuster should be reserved only for much more serious purposes. As both are currently being used, they are proving deleterious to the function of that body.
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