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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Hmmm, how convenient.

So, it hid behind a Colorado law that goes diametrically against its own base principles, implicitly condoning the law in the process, simply in order to protect itself from financial loss due to malpractice. This, rather than comporting to its own (higher?) moral principals regarding fetuses as being fully human life and thus, in keeping with those morals, values and beliefs, paying up as it should (presuming it was found negligent in the death of the fetuses).

Perhaps the Catholic church should stop acting less like a large amoral (if not immoral) corporate institution and more like a, well, church.
The law is the law, regardless of the church's stance on the legal status of a fetus. They can't choose to not follow that law, it is on the books. To not bring up that law would be malpractice by the attorney.
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