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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Of course, but that church run hospital could simply have, upon a finding of negligence in the death/loss of the fetuses, then simply paid up on their own in comportment with their own values/beliefs/morals, regardless of the constraints of the secular law.

Is this the same church that wailed so much when another secular legal requirement, that insurance mandated regarding birth control or whatever?

Again, way too convenient to hide behind this secular law when it might save a wad of cash, even if it contrasts with a basic church moral tenet, yet scream bloody murder when its cheap and easy to decry some other secular law that presumably goes against a moral tenet, however indirectly.

Sorry, I still see a greater overall hypocrisy here, however cleverly contrived and legalistically worded.
Perhaps they will pay up on their own accord. The situation is being reviewed by the bishop. Maybe if this was in another state with different laws on the books it would have turned out differently? The church isn't hiding behind anything. Laws are laws.

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