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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post

Passing standard for an 18 year old male on the APFT: 42 push-ups, 15:54 2 mile run.

18 year old female? 19 push-ups, 18:54 2 mile run.

That's the bare minimum standard to be in the army.
NOVA........I always wondered. Is there any legislative act that permits felons to be approved for admission into the military ?

You can be a convicted felon and be admitted into the Army or another branch as long as it is not a 'big one ' like murder or rape or armed robbery.

When you apply you have to go through an approval process that includes
an interview and then your packet gets sent forward for approval from an anonymous board.

What legislation gives the military the right to approve someone for admission into the military and possess multiple weapons and be taught about bombs, demolition and survival techniques when they cannot possess a shotgun or vote in the civilian world ?

I can understand if they had a pardon, but that does not normally happen until you are in your 60s or 70s.

Is there an executive order or congressional approval or ......what allows someone entry and gives the military privleges that don't exist in the civilian world ?
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