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There are numerous videos, but the best ones by far are those put out by Panteao Productions. Look for videos with Pat Rogers, Travis Haley and Paul Howe.

Stuff from them will be by far the best you can get for information prior to going to any training course. I would put Pat Rogers at the best, but Paul Howe and Travis Haley both are excellent. The issue is that if you are going to start absorbing information, you want it to be the best information possible, and it needs to be as generally/universally applicable as possible. By this I mean that you should be able to take the skills from the video and be able to use them to some effect in an actual course without having significant conflict. Magpul videos have some proprietary techniques that have very little carry-over, but a lot of the general tactics are pretty universal. They're decent videos, but not the best anymore. There will always be conflict between training systems, but if it's minor, it's not an issue. However, sometimes there are major conflicts and there is very little carry-over, so if you learn a system and then take a completely different one, you will be at a disadvantage because now you have to learn a whole new system while trying to disregard a system you've already started to inculcate.

As a case in point, you can take training from Trident Concepts with Jeff Gonzalez, and then go to an EAG Tactical course and be "up to speed". In contrast, if you take an ICE/Combat Focus Training course with Rob Pincus, you will be well behind the curve at a Trident Concepts "Level 2" course.

Point being, be aware of the training you are taking, who is teaching it, what they teach, and consider your training decisions accordingly. The last thing you want is to develop training scars before you ever go to actual training. OR, the last thing you want to do is to learn decent tactics and then go somewhere that will disregard skills and cause "scars".

Where are you planning to train?
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