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Originally Posted by pythonis View Post
Work is what I'm aiming for, though most people start their first cars with somthing that isnt covered in stupidly complex computers The idea of the cosmo is pretty cool, but after joining a jdm group I copped a fair bit of "douchebaggery" (its a word now, deal with it) so if I go for a badass Cosmo 20B, I just dont know if I can leave my Euro side alone, spose dad does still have his mk2 jag sitting in the garage
yea douchebaggery is a word all my mates are in the jdm scene, one actually organised the show and shine day on the strand called *** NQ a couple months ago so i know all about douchebaggery im the only euro admirer in my group of friends so yea lol but for the amount of money you would spend on a cosmo you could pick up something better IMO but thats me
what i thought id do was act like one of those deaf mutes
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