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Everything you learn is a tool for your tool belt. You can use what you like, so long as you know how to use it correctly, make it work for you, and you know WHY you are using it. My tactics used to be 100% Magpul, but I then did other training and it took a while to ditch the Magpul training scars. Particularly the "Magpul Flick" magazine change. Interestingly enough, Steve Fisher does not agree with everything in that curriculum, but he's required to teach it by Magpul.
I am a pretty big EAG Tactical zealot as many will attest to, and I went to a Trident Concept course this past fall believing that I may not run things the way he wants. However, I knew that it was my responsibility to give it a try for the duration of the course, and to do otherwise was not only not fair to myself, but to Jeff Gonzalez for putting in the time to train me. Afterwards, I am now about 90% EAG and 10% TRICON in my tactics. There was a lot of carry-over, but some stuff was different and EAG had the edge in many things, but a couple things from TRICON really did make more sense. It's all about adopting what you need and storing away what does not work for you. I'm a perpetual student, so this will continue to evolve and adjust.
I flushed out everything I learned in the Army, as it's basically now worthless for my needs.

Travis took some stuff with him to Haley Strategic, but he left a bunch behind as well. Part of his reason for leaving was because he couldn't do what he wanted to with Magpul.
Magpul videos do have a wealth of information though. I have intention to train with both Haley Strategic and Costa Ludus in the future. I may do an HSP Handun course and Rifle course out in Michigan this spring if I can swing it, and maybe next year do a Costa Ludus 7.62 Heavy SA course. A training group run by a cop buddy of mine is looking at booking a Costa Ludus 7.62 Heavy SA course next year up here in MN. They each offer something different.

If you have the Magpul stuff, it might be better to go with something completely different like Pat Rogers or Paul Howe.
I will say that if you get the Pat Rogers video, you WILL laugh your ass off.
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