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i still get furious when something happens but i hold myself back more.

My 22nd birthday, I was out at the bar with my friends, had a great night. Everyone was having a good time and I was drunk. We were all getting ready to leave and was kind of in a circle. Some drunk guy approaches and walks into the circle. I ask him how his nights going and if he's having a good time. He comes up to me and tells me that he is going to "Tomahawk my ass, and him and his boys have decided to kick my ass," in my head im like what is wrong with this guy? So i keep talking to him trying to calm him down and it just gets worse. At this point I realize im drunk and I wont be any good at a fight. My friend notices what's going on and pulls him aside and gives him some more money to go buy a drink. The guy starts flipping out and my friend was like, hey, get him (me) out of here. I was furious and I wanted to fight him so bad, the guy was half my size and i had more people with me, but i realized that i wasn't going to be worth anything and my friends don't need the trouble, and they know that I don't need the trouble.

later i find out from the bar manager that the guy went up to some other random person, doing the same thing, and they fought and cops got called and the drunk guy had a bunch of friends who apparently go around just looking for fights. It's really hard to swallow your pride but sometimes i suppose it's better. I just don't understand why people meet my friendliness with hostility.

Same thing happened at a different place, a karaoke bar, pretty quiet underground kinda place, we get there and im of course drunk again goddammit singing some stupid song. and some people just bust into our room that we rented and just started talking ****. This time I have my closest group of friends with me, and the same guy who saved me last time, organized another vac after those people started to try and fight EVERYONE in the room. the second they put their hands tom, (another close friend), four of my friends pull out guns, and Eric yells out, we don't need this ****, we need to go. and we leave again.

I don't consider myself that old. I do consider my friends and being people who have a lot to lose. they shouldn't have pulled out guns that night, i know they had no intentions of using them ever in that situation, but the older you get, and the harder you have worked towards goals in your life, the more you take a twix break and think about things before doing it. Also the more protective you are of your successes i suppose. Because of all this that has happened, I don't drink anymore.

three years ago i would have been down for anything. i still have my scars on my right arm and hand from punching out a car window and pulling someone out of it and because of **** like that, i was never successful back then. or happy.
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