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Originally Posted by e46alfonso View Post
The TC is not repairable. What fluid are you using?

I must have dumped the clutch more than 50 times at around 3-4k rpm and my awd system is perfectly smooth. Doubt its the TC.

Vibrations during heavy acceleration sounds like axles. Are they original, OEM GNK, or another brand?

I'm sorry man, but I don't understand your point? I'm not contemplating repairing the TC, just replacing the TC mount rubber buffer.

FWIW, I used RedLine MTL in the TC, following Mike Miller's advice. TC runs smooth as silk, as does the rest of the transmission. I just have a vibration at very specific RPM range.

Regarding the axles - I assume OE. I haven't replaced them, they look OE (although I haven't looked that hard), and I have no history on the car prior to my purchase.
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