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Originally Posted by Constantine View Post
I mean no offense here, just my opinion. Why would you take a fantastic drivers car like an M3 put wheels on it that a pimp would love, lower it till it scrapes the dirt and tyres that will wear badly and all of that making the car almost undrivable in normal conditions, handle badly and lower resale value? It is sort of like cutting off your right hand because you think a shiny hook would look cool there.

I just think if a thing is perfect don't mess with it.
Depends what you want in a car. You'll find that demographic usually dictates how the car looks. Old cankerous farts prefer the reduced road noise, fuel economy, safety. Young 'uns prefer street cred that makes them look 'well hard', 'gangsta' and impractical street sweepers where you creep over everyspeed bump. Everyone else falls somewhere in between.

BTW OP: It's not unpossible to fit this set up. Worst comes to worst, flog it off to a braver soul.

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