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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
No shine should ever touch the engine bay. a lot of these products can destroy coolant hoses, sealing rings, etc. leave it matte like from the factory. theres plenty of high end safe conditioners meant for engine parts, if you must. search detailing forums

Originally Posted by willsbma View Post
Are you for real? Its made for rubber tires bro. Hoses under your hood are rubber also.

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armor all tire products, for example, are also supposedly made for tire rubber...but i would never even put it on my tires.

btw, some hoses are resistant to oils and fuel, while others are not. huge cost difference seen through the range of various hoses.

also, not everyone's engine hoses are rubber. for those who have certain aftermarket parts, there could be silicone ones.

furthermore, i have seen some tire shines/sprays permanently damage paint protection film and wheel finishes. i can't imagine what that does to some of the engine bay's components.

i would not strictly go by the labels/instructions on product containers. for example, some wheel cleaners' labels say that they are safe for anodized wheels but end up not being safe....

Originally Posted by morningisbad View Post
Yea, but not all rubber is the same. I wouldn't go near the engine bay with this stuff...

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