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Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
Hello all,

1 little problem I have found on the RADIO side is that the songs that are on the USB drive have the first second or so you usually miss the first drum beat....same for you guys or different ? Could be my USB drive is slow but I don't think so.
Also on the USB section the interface is UUUUUGLY, I've checked and on the android side the USB drive in the back is not recognized with ES explorer, perhaps when it is rooted, I'd prefer running the USB music out of android with nice playlists and visual effect than the ugly and crappy original enco version...

I still haven't rooted the android side so I'll comment on this one afterwards
To be honest, the "RADIO" side, to me, is just a conduit for me to get to the Android side. I fully expected that side to be complete crap, just as it is on the Dynavin.

On the back of the radio, there are two USB ports. Only the top one goes to the Android side. The bottom one goes to the RADIO side.

What are you using to store your music? Just a small USB Hard Drive? It could be such a case that it's not getting enough power from the Android USB port to spin up your drive. I'm just guessing at this point.
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