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yes, shin seng gumi is bomb for a hole in the wall place. GO EARLY and be there by 5:00.

Its like "jiro dreams of sushi" hole in the wall where the master yells at the apprentices and its quite authentic.

order all the special menu stuff like liver heart pigs feet as within 15 minutes these are sold OUT.

heart and liver(sounds gross) is teh BOMB!

last night we went to seoul sausage(some foodtruck winner) they close at 9:30 in west LA so it was perfect timing to get to hollywood SOUND which started spinning at 10:00 pm

next day out is the week after next(kids get dropped off and sleep over at parent's place), although we are still going to star bbq here in LA next week(better than road to seoul) for the 19.99 which has alot of great pork stuff.

sounds weird but being a loud mouth at times, I let all the establishments know that we're on "date night" and got alot of special treatment :p

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