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Originally Posted by adrianpl View Post
My car is putting out these codes:
p0313 - misfire detected with Low Fuel
p0300 - Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
p1345 - Misfire cyl 2 with fuel cutoff
p1347 - Misfire Cylinder 3 With Fuel Cut-off
p1343 - Misfire Cylinder1 With FuelCut-off
p0171 - system too lean (bank 1)
p0174 - system to lean (Bank 2)

I am not sure what I should do first.

What i think is maybe wrong?

Change Spark Plugs? (I have put in new NGK about 10K ago)
New Coil Packs?
or my computer is shot

Whenever my car starts misfiring I turn the car off, and then I turn it back on and it runs good.
It starts misfiring when I am idling usually

Where should I start? Would love to here some feedback from the mechanics on the forum.
I am having the same issue, i looked around the forums and found something, but what kind of air filter are you using k&n? that could be the reason that its messing up your MAF, may want to try cleaning the MAF or either your MAF is going bad. Try unplugging the MAF and starting the car see how it runs and drive like a block and check.
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