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Originally Posted by terzinator View Post
thanks, AV52, I hear ya on the sunroof. And I debated that fact for a bit. Most cars I've had have had one. I just thought it was a given or must-have. Like when you make your list when you're looking at houses: gotta have a fireplace. (In Minnesota, anyway.) Anyway, it was on my "gotta have" list.

But I thought further, and realized, I've never really used them all that much. They can be noisy and leaky, too. (On the highway, they're waaay too noisy.) In town, yeah, kinda nice, but I think it's one thing that I like when it's there, but don't really miss when it's not.

This car is soooo perfect in every other way. And I think, from an enthusiast's mindset, no sunroof is kinda cool, too. So it conveniently moved to my "ahh, I don't really care if it has one!" list.

And for sure on the snow tires. I'll probably look for a set of 16" or 17" wheels over the next few months to mount 'em on for next winter. This winter, like last year, has been essentially snow-free. But it'll come eventually. I have the Eurovan to drive if it gets dicey.
I use my sunroof just *all* the time, and I do a lot of in town driving, so it's not too noisy. I never had any problems with mine because I used it constantly and don't think I closed the shade five times in five years.
I still regret not getting a sunroof on the minivan I drive now.
And I start thinking about an e91 now and then because of that giant panoramic thing.
I scratch my head at the sunroof delete crowd. I guess if you're tall and tracking the car, maybe it's an advantage, but the weight is like a couple bags of groceries.
So if this car did have the sunroof, you wouldn't have gotten to buy it because I would have.
If and when I find another wagon with a 5 speed and sports package...and a sunroof, I'll keep yours in mind, when I start prowling for upgrades.
The M3 steering wheel, the ZHP wheels, maybe a few Dinan goodies.
This one's been done right.
Enjoy it safely and in good health.
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