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So you are getting closer with the Torque App.

So overall it looks like your O2 sensors are working pretty much as expected.

Would be nice to see the graph from a cold start for the first 3-4 minutes, but if you SAP is not working properly it likely will not have the proper signature we would usually expect.

Your pre Cat sensors have a good swing and your post Cats are pretty flat at the baseline Voltage of around 0.72-0.74 Volts which appears a bit high as I recall? But overall pretty close to what I would expect. You can really see the post Cat sensor swing on warm up in the first 3-4 minutes with the SAP running. This give a better idea of what is going on with the sensors.

Are you planning on ordering a quality MAF for the car? I am fairly convinced this is primarily why your getting your lean codes. Your MAF Grams per Second should be running upwards of 50+ if you jump on the throttle even the slightest.

I have performed a WOT 3rd gear run in my 330, however, I expect the value should easily hit over 100 Grams/Sec.
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