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Originally Posted by gringotegra View Post

If you were to drop 300-400lbs in your car alone and get it down to the weight that the HPF Drag car is i have no doubt it would be faster.

That car needs some things figured out on it, i still feel like the 10.2 it ran was pretty weak all things considered (2600lbs, th400 ETC).

Good luck and i have a feeling it should do what you need it to!
I might take my subs/amps out but that's only about 100lbs. The HPF drag car needs more shakedowns and fine tuning. Its power to weight ratio should put it deep into the 9's no problem. I think I can get mine into the high 9's at mfest with fresher slicks and no subs. The street slicks we ran on last year were very old and dry.
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