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Originally Posted by daemonicus View Post
i'm all for Nick's kit and that is the only kit I'll get for my 330 but I could get but I could get even a precision turbo for 1500, or even less, the manifold for 500 or less on ebay, 6 injectors for a max of 500, and someone could easily fab the intake, downpipe and charge pipes for 500 or less. assuming the blow through maf is (overestimating), 1000, you're still only at 3500 before tune. Nick includes a generic wastegate, a generic diverter valve and a generic turbo, if he charged 3000 for the tune alone, that comes to the exact price of his kit. how would that be more than his kit alone, and again, I'm way overestimating.

Again, not knocking the kit because for a BMW tuned on the factory DME, its a great deal but how would it be cheaper than building your own?
Generic and custom are different things.

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