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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
What are all these mystical features the iPhone is missing next to your One X? I also seem to recall you jumped ship long before you got rid of the 4 or bought the 5, so I'm skeptical that you "really wanted to like it." And when you say it sat on your desk- did you even use it?

Stacked up to the One X, the 4 is a garbage phone. The 5 is not.
I can download anything to my phone and open it up with any app I want. I can share links and documents with just about any app out there. iOS is like a linear gameplay game and Android is an open world game.

No, I didn't play with the one on my desk. I played with other people's 5s. I didn't want to open mine because I thought I would want to sell it. And I did.

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