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Originally Posted by jeffro3000 View Post
Very interesting. The Nexus 4 is very tempting to me. If it just had a bit more storage; I'm not ready to go totally cloud based.

Although keep in mind that the review is only about the Nexus 4. He explicitly states that he thinks the iPhone 5 is better than the SIII, the main competitor to the iPhone in discussion here.

Originally Posted by Shaban View Post
How do you pronounce Huawei? lol. That phone is huge
"wah-way" apparently.

Originally Posted by Jaymalls View Post
dont listen to these fuQ faces... just go to a junk yard and get a used complete left rear end. i cracked my left rear control arm on the highway because i was driving w/o shocks... lol! ***Was too busy caking on these bitches instead of taking care my car!***

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