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Originally Posted by mintimperial View Post
Hi, are Dynavin planning on upgrading their old version of android and outdated cpu, ram etc at any point? Andrive units at have Android 4.0.4 and a 1.2Ghz Dual core and 1Gb ram...whats the advantage of Dynavin when these units are now available?
well.....I dont know what dynavin might have in the pipe but their position so far has been "if it aint broke..." I realize this makes the android units eventually obsolete but thats not something I control. Frankly the regular Dynavin units running iGo Primo are the right unit for 80+% of customers I run across, for the rest who are seeking something more advanced, something to hack, etc.... you will need to weigh your options carefully.

as for the "other units", the link you posted is to an enco unit, just take a look at the 4.0 thread here in this forum and see if that is something you are up for......for a dedicated few it might be what they are looking for, but most dont have the programming skill and are not interested in that kind of thing. As that thread demonstrates, there is A LOT more to making android work in a car stereo than specs.

Originally Posted by 02nbmz28 View Post
I recently installed a D99 Win in my car along with the Wince patch. I noticed there is no option in the main settings to adjust the screen size...only the position/brightness. Any help with this? Makes the windows desktop extremely difficult. Thanks in advance.
If you are doing Petrut's hack, talk to him about it, he knows more than any of us about that stuff.

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