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Originally Posted by ryanwhite74115 View Post
Bought house January 1st, 2013.

Renovations so far:

1. Kids bathroom: Gutted entire bathroom. Ripped up and replaced half of the subflooring. Laid tile in half the bathroom. Waiting for acrylic tub to be installed (I am NOT doing that part). After tub, will finish tile and install new vanity, sink, plumbing and new Cadet 3 toilet.
2. Master BR: Ripped out entire ceiling, wired 4 ceiling speakers, replaced sheetrock. Insulation in attic still in bags...will be reinsulating next weekend. Closet needs new racks. Master Bathroom untouched.
3. Ceilings in entire house: overall, livingroom, kitchen and master BR ceilings replaced since originally installed incorrectly by builder (somehow). Had entire ceiling everywhere else scraped and re-mudded so there is smooth ceilings.
4. Lighting: all lights in entire house pulled out from ceiling and replaced after ceiling scraped/replaced.
5. Ripped up 6 layers of flooring in the kitchen/breakfast nook/laundry room/downstairs bathroom. (Tile, Backer board, Tile, Vinyl, OSB...something was 3" or taller). Replaced with 1 LAYER of TILE!!!! Replaced all trim in these areas obviously since they were completely damaged from all the stacked flooring.
6. Replaced subflooring in laundry room.
7. Reinforced girders in laundry room by doubling up the girders/joists in the floor.
8. Replaced kitchen cabinet doors.
9. Repainted all kitchen doors.
10. Replaced 2 bedroom doors and their frames.
11. Front door and side windows (basically the entire door completely) was replaced with new fiberglass 2/3 glass height door.
12. Wired speakers and canned LED lighting in kitchen and living room while ceilings were ripped out.
13. Insulated ceilings in kitchen, living room and breakfast nook with R-19 (not fiberglass...some type of white stuff resembling cotton) for sound insulation purposes.
14. Replaced all electrical sockets and switches in house.

To Do:
1. Have entire inside of house repainted (happening next week) including ceilings and even the freaking closets.
2. Have the new kitchen doors installed and "glazed".
3. Install new range hood, fridge, stove and dishwasher.
4. Drill out new hole for dryer vent so it pipes directly outside instead of using piping to another area.
5. Replace garage doors with new insulated models and install 2 motors. (I assure you they need to be replaced...they are dented to hell and currently there are no motors).
6. Install fans and lights throughout the house.
7. Other crap I can't remember.

Disclosure: I am an attorney...not a contractor nor a man with a "wood thumb". I paid to have the door, granite, kitchen doors, tub, tile, ceiling and painting done. (Opprobriously I could have painted but I earn more working my job than wasting my time and doing a crappy paint job.) I did most of the demo and quite a bit of the electrical and most of the wiring/insulation (it's not complicated). Some things however I believe you should leave to a professional.
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