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Exclamation Groan After Driving From Hub-Really at a Loss

  • Cold Start-Slight Hum out of center of drivers wheel at 35-65 mph
  • Once Hot Speed Dependent Irregular Light Thud from 45-65 when not under power. Goes away when accelerating
  • When Hot bwub.....bwub....bwub when decelerating (braking makes it stop) from 7mph to zero chirp almost like brakes but shorter and higher pitched-this is with out brakes particularly up hills
  • Doesn't feel like car is solid but not really any vib in wheel
  • At 55 I can def feel vibration (not LCA/B) its faster speed-sensive than the light bwub bwub
  • Superer Hearing & Vibration Sensitive (no jokes! she really is a surgeon-always monitoring heartbeat/bp with her scalpel) Cannot Hear/Feel it from Passenger Side
  • Does it with Clutch/Gear In or Out

Here's THE WEIRD part after hot there a loan groan for 5 min coming out of what seems to be the hub? Would a wheel bearing do that not? Like a air compressor from a afar. The slightest touch with no pressure on the rim stops it.

It is 10x worse at 70 degrees than at 15 degrees and not really engine/drivetrain temp dependent. The car feels much less stable in warm weather.

I just completed an epic CV Job on that wheel that entailed taking the whole strut out after carrier pinch bolt snapped.

The problem seems to have come out of that job-although I brought it to two shops who said everything is great except the passenger side cv is starting to go. But part of me thinks that CV masked and combined the symptoms. This is real! But apparently not that bad to others.

Brakes have 1000 miles on them and the differential fluid was replaced-looked and smelled brand new no shavings at all.

My Thoughts in Order of what I think: 1)Wheel Bearing, 2) Axle, 3) Rotors, 4) Guibo, 5) Steering Rack, 6) Intake/Exhaust, 7) Diff

I'm so confused because of the Groaning Hub after driving.

It also used to make a vacuum (release) puff out of the rear drivers side of the engine with a sometimes erratic idle (bounce 700-1,300 rmps)-when engine hot & cold outside. Its not doing that puff but is doing the groan. RPM issue comes with weather. Could it be vacuum related?

Then axle (cardone) initial clunked when turning I was going to change it but it went away after 20 miles.

I just don't know where to start. I feel foolish pulling out the axle after two shops charged me $50 each to say its fine.

Where should I start?

I really need help, opinions, guidance on this!

You Guys are Godsend!


*Want a laugh? Read my post on what I did to my wife's car last night
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