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I'm having some difficulties with my 2003 325i sedan. The car has almost 90,000 miles on it and recently the red oil pressure light came on while idling at a red light. The light would turn off once I accelerated. I've done a lot of searching on here but don't know what else to do. I brought the car into my local BMW dealership and had they performed a pressure test ( results came back that pressure was good). They said I needed a new oil pressure sensor (located in the engine). I replaced the sensor, however, the light came on the first time I drove it a few days later. I noticed the light only comes on when the car is idling in Drive or Reverse and that the RPMs seem to be hovering around the 500-550 mark at this time. If I put the car in Park the RPMs increase slightly and the light goes out. I called the dealership again and they want me to bring it back in to be examined again. They mentioned it could be another sensor located in the oil pan? Im just wondering whether or not it is just the ICV. Any suggestions?
Normal idle speed is in the region of 725 RPM on my 2003 320i. Sounds like your idle speed is too low for some reason and, since that determines oil pump speed and pressure, that would seem to be your problem. What should your idle speed be on a 325?
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