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Originally Posted by andrei mizu View Post
i have a huge dilemma. i own a '05 m3 IR coupe

i want to get BBS LM's 19x9,5 et32 front and 19x11 et25 rear, also brembo BBK 355mm 6 pot front and 345mm 4 pot rear, and bilstein PSS10 for suspension.
i know that the rear setup is ok, but not 100% sure of front setup. can i do this without rolling the fenders and running ridiculous negative camber? if i go for the 8,5 front (which i know it will work for the setup)and 11 rear how will that affect my driving if at all? what tire size should i use? i understand that 235/275 is the lowest i can go up too 275/305 the max?

your help will be greatly appreciated.
You can easily get away with 9.5 et32 with 235/35 front with stock camber / slammed without any issues with stock brakes.

Here's my old cars setup 9.5 et32 with 235/35 Hankook S1 (also 11 rear with 275/30):

There will be an clearance issue with your brake setup though. You will almost certainly have to run a spacer on the front to clear the Brembos. Clearance wise you could probably get away with 5mm spacer without issues but anything bigger than that would require more camber and/or fender mods. I'm sorry I don't have information about how big of a spacer you would need but perhaps you can figure it out by how much less clearance your brake setup has compared to the stock.

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