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So I think I've ditched the SC'r idea. From what I've read buying a used car/used supercharger is just asking for issues. Plus it seems they do more harm than good in terms of overheating and power delivery compared to NA.

I've now switched my efforts to finding a newer (04-06) car with semi low mileage, somewhere around 50k miles. I can pretty much find these all day long depending on color combo. The only downsides are that it would be pretty much stock and with the stock weight, which would make it much much slower than my old car. Although this will suck I'm very much looking forward to having a long term project, it was always my hope to keep this car and build it out to give to a child someday. I won't be going full retard with it in the near future but if my kids are into it then I might build it out as a racer in the distant future.

With that said the good part about going this route is I will immediately have around $10k (depending on purchase price) to spend on the car. On the mod list aready are some MCS remote 2-ways and PFC BBK. The rest will go towards all new bushings, inspection 2, and misc. maintenance.

I've tossed around so many ideas on what car to buy and why but this just seems to make the most sense as I will be dailying the car for the time being and I would like to own the car for many years.

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