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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
I've met the owner of Element Arms, Dustin Emholtz, and had the opportunity to chat with him. He is buddies with some of my buddies. Nothing against him on a personal level, but professionally he's a DPMS fanboy and pushes them a lot harder than he should. Going back to my previous posts in other threads, I am not a fan of DPMS (or Bushmaster) for numerous reasons.
A west metro SWAT team that shall not be named publicly here knows all to well what can go wrong when you rely on DPMS to provide a quality rifle. They had a laundry list of parts that were out of spec or just plain broken.

I understand that given the uncertain times, it's better to have something than nothing. BUT BUT BUT, if there is a better rifle than a DPMS or Bushmaster, get it.
I completely agree about the fanboyism at Element.
Never been a fan of DPMS, I do plan on keeping the sportical for the smooth side upper and no forward assist. It will be nice for backpacking and a cheap backup/wife gun.

I did have a better quality rifle, but unfortunately it was lost when my canoe capsized in the Boundary Waters.
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