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I bought the vert because I love me some rag top. I gave up caring what others thought about my choices a long long time ago. Buy what fits your requirements and what you are buying the car for. If the look of a vert turns you on then get it and enjoy what you spent your money on. If the coupe look is where it is at then go for that. Lots of threads here on the whole vert/coupe thing. In the end we all own the car we like, no one can tell you that your choice was a mistake other than yourself.

Now, soap box put away... I daily drive mine 75+ miles a day in combination highway and city roads. I live in the south so I get to be top down a lot. I like driving with no roof so the choice was easy. the car is what it is. I could care less about 1.4 mile times. I like the feel of the car, I like the engineering of the car, I like the way I can jet up the on ramp when I am lucky enough not to have mama granny pants in front of me.

When the car fails to put a smile on my face after a crappy day at work I will sell it and find one that does. So far it has never failed me yet.
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