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Originally Posted by Giozilla View Post

I am new to this forum but not new to the car world. I am former Honda owner (flame on) but I knowledgable of all cars.. I am not biased at all..

I am looking to get into a e46 330ci or i... I know about the car great handling and of course stylish looks..

My main concern is the aftermarket suppot. I am coming from a the (JDM world, and fresh of the K series boat) now with that being said my previous cars had a TON of aftermarket support for power adders..

Just wanted to know if there is the same with the e46.. I know theres a pretty decent aftermarket for the M3 but havent seen much for the 328 and 330i..

Please any advice besides F.I for power adders that will make a noticable difference?

I am not looking to build an all out track car.. but i do want a quick DD..

My old K20 went 12.5 and was daily driven just fine.. I just want something luxery with a kick.. Thank you guys and hopefully you will find a build thread from me later on..

take care!

P.S sorry for the grammar errors! I wrote this while being at work had to write it fast! lol..
Not happening with this car unless you're ready to fully prepare the chassis and engine. Even then its cost prohibitive. Maintain it and turn it into a handling car (stock it handles perfectly but these cars need to be rebuilt at 100k miles) s

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