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OP, welcome to the forum.
A quick search would have given you all the answers. But here you go:

e46 non m is a good car as stock. To really get more out of it, you are looking at spending a lot of money. If you are looking at performance in stock form, I'd say get an m3 or look for a different brand. infiniti g35/37 comes to my mind.

I came from accord, then to eclipse then to BMW. Both my previous cars were v6 and not really tunable cars in terms of off-the-rack bolt ons. I dont like modding cars for performance, but if I were looking to get something to tune, I'd get one with the engine and chassis that is able to handle the tune from the get go.

Audi and VW turbos come to my mind right now when I think of tuning the car for more power. They are highly tunable with aftermarket turbo and tunes.

Just buy an audi a4 quattro and throw an aftermarket turbo with a tune. You have a good handling powerful car.

e46 non-m's are a pleasure to drive but not a fast car by any means. And tuning is very limited. I like the neutral characteristic of this car, its very balanced in terms of power, looks, sportiness and comfort.

I mean I can have fun in the canyons and I can take the same car to a fancy date or take my boss to lunch, and I can take it to roadtrips without getting tired and annoyed. It delivers everything I need in a single car rather than have 3 different cars for 3 different occasions.
I won't be picking up my fiancÚ in a tuned audi for a date, nor would be taking my boss to a lunch meeting in a jaw shattering track tuned miata.

PS: your ride states, you have a mclaren, why would are you looking for more power in an e46
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