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Unfortunately my current 4 day bodybuilding split hasn't been working the way I thought, I dread going to the gym (not in a "good" way) and the amount of exercises / changing of equipment hasn't worked out either, gym is way too busy. I feel like I am being inefficient and wasting time. Also 4 days of weights, as well as hot yoga and hockey once a week isn't allowing me sufficient rest days to recover. I've also had trouble fitting 4 days of weights into a busy lifestyle.

I don't believe this is me being impatient, but rather recognizing a flaw in the way a proven training method doesn't fit my current lifestyle.

So I developed the following to try out until the spring. It's a redevelopment of a routine I found success with prior to switching to a BB like split. All exercises are done heavy, with the first set being a max effort.

Example for squats in the 5-7 rep range

Warmup then

230lb x 5 (my current max)
210lb x 6
190lb x 7

The key is going to max on your first set. Essentially you pick a weight you will max out with at bottom of selected rep range, and then your subsequent dropped weights should be last sets reps + 1. You hopefully finish near or at the top of rep range, 5 to 7 in this case.

I marked the exercises that apply to this rep scheme below for my reference with an (R).

Day 1

Squats - 3 sets : 5 to 7 reps (R)
Stiff-legged Deadlifts - 3 sets : 5 to 7 reps (R)
Standing Barbell Calf Raises - 3 Sets : 12 - 15 reps

Day 2

Bench Press - 3 Sets : 6 to 8 reps (R)
Incline Bench - 3 Sets : 6 to 8 reps (R)
Dips - 3 Sets (eventually weighted when b/w is 15+ reps for 3 sets in a row)

Day 3

Overhead Press - 3 Sets : 4 to 6 reps (R)
Deadlift - 2 Sets : 3 to 5 reps (R)
Chin Ups - 3 Sets (eventually weighted when b/w is 10+ reps for 3 sets in a row, perform until form suffers)
Pendlay Rows - 3 Sets

Day 1 is a focus on quads/hamstrings/calves, Day 2 is a focus on chest/triceps/front delts, and Day 3 is a focus on front/side delts, the entire back, biceps, and rear delts will get hit well with the pendlay rows. Abs from squats/deadlifts etc.

I wanted to include overhead press, I felt day 3 was best suited for it.

Time to put theory to practice, as I was happy with previous program on paper but in real life it didn't work out for me.

Eating remains the same, as I have been very successful at it so far.

Let me know if you identify any imbalances.

I have a feeling you disprove m3inline, but I welcome your feedback regardless

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