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Originally Posted by JZambrano7 View Post
So I woke up a coolant light this morning. Opened up the tank and saw it empty. Refilled it up but then noticed this. I just had the expansion tank replaced this summer. Should I be worried? I did notice a slight leak nothing crazy regardless taking it to the shop tomorrow
Upper radiator hose cracked.
Do not drive with the hose cracked like that.
You can get one from the dealership or from NAPA.
NAPA one will cost you around $30, dealership will cost you around $50. That was last year around this time.

I know because I cracked the same hose when I hammered the fanclutch nut and the wrench hit the hose.
Got one from dealership and one from NAPA to compare. I used the one from the dealership just to be safe and returned the NAPA one. But both looked the same except for the BMW marking.
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