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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Just watch the temp needle the whole way. If it so much as thinks about moving, pull over. The $100 tow will be worth it. You don't want to buy a hose AND a headgasket replacement.
Yeah I hear you, I learned about all the consequences during my expansion tank replacement. I will def be on the look out.

Originally Posted by tcphoto View Post
It's a $30 fix and takes about 30 minutes including clean up, testing and the first beer. Why pay someone to do such a simple task?
If I had an idea of what I was doing I would be more than glad to, besides it's way too cold in NY to be outside working on your car. Rather take it to someone who knows what they're doing and who I trust.

Originally Posted by trj View Post
Its not about the amount that is leaking right now, its about the air it has introduced to your cooling system. I'd advice against driving it.

Get a radiator hose from NAPA or dealership(a good idea to get a gal of coolant) and ask your mechanic to drive to you when he is free. It will take max 30 mins to replace including toping(or bleeding) coolant. Give him an hours worth of labor. Just 0.2 cents.
You will spend more if you overheat or even if you have to tow your car there.
You may get away with duct tape and coolant top up before you drive to your mechanic, but it will need a proper bleed anyway as air has been introduced to the system.

When I cracked that hose, I was in a friend's shop trying to DIY. I left the car there for a night and asked his employee to replace the hose later next day. I didnt even start it after I cracked it.
Thanks for the advice, I will maybe try duck taping it and filling it up until Im at the shop. Sorry for the question but what is the problem with air entering the coolant system? Do i have anything to worry about until tomorrow?

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