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Originally Posted by trentcdrums View Post
Why is his offset 20 and mine is 49 then
Sorry I missed this post.
Well he might have wanted the ET20 wheels and purchased them. I dont know what are you asking here? How can I answer why he has offset 20 wheels? Even if he is running ET0 or negative ET, I wouldnt be able to answer WHY.

Offset and wheel width plus tire width go hand in hand. You have to really calculate when you are deviating from the standard wheel size.

Originally Posted by trentcdrums View Post
To finalize, I just got the style 5's. they're at my doorstep as we speak
Style 5's will look good if you polish the lip and keep them clean. ET23 should be fine with 16" tires. You wont rub, but the wheels might poke out a little.
Did you measure the ET like I asked you before?
Post the pics when you fit them. I found a good deal locally, but they are from e39 so I passed.
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