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Originally Posted by Wraisil View Post
Well, I'm currently waiting on 3 custom stripped lowers myself (all from Zombie Defense) from a group order with custom logo and serial numbers. My current plan is to build a "better" 16" 5.56, build a 5.56 SBR (I'm currently thinking 11.5"), and one 5.56 pistol. Each of the lowers cost me $130 (including a $10 donation to and they should be made and delivered by April sometime.

I have a basic, and an upgraded PSA LBK on order

$206.99 for the upgraded one
$126.99 for the basic one (to be used on the SBR for now)
$514.95 for the 16" upper
I have 2 NiB BCG's on order (~$200/each)
$48.93 each for the BCM Charging handles
$83.82 per pair Magpul Gen 2 BUIS front and rear
$28.36 per Magpul B.A.D. lever
$35.85 per Magpul AFG
I also have an Eotech XPS2-Z that I picked up slightly used for $400 that I can toss on one of them.

I'm going to wait until I get the lowers before ordering the rest of the stuff for the pistol (don't want that whole "constructive intent" to bite me), and I'll be setting up a trust soon for the SBR then I can start the paperwork for that one when I get the lowers in.

Total for the 16" upper right now is $1,249.09 without putting the Eotech on it. It's not "top" quality, but I'm confident it will be much better than my stock DPMS once it's built. Any feedback?
You and I are probably waiting for the same maker to put them into production (although we bought them from different places). I decided to buid a Varmint 1st, so I will begin shortly.
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