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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
Look up doggcrapp training. It's based on a similar idea, but with a few warm ups, followed by a max-effort rest/pause set, followed by a "widow maker" 20-rep set.

I don't like the idea of going max effort on the first set. I'd much rather let the engine warm up before flooring it.
I checked it out, I agree entirely with it. Lots of smart science in the way of lifting, and I love how it showed that on average a muscle group gets hit 52 times / year (once per week) on a bb split, where this method you can cycle the 3 days and hit each group upwards of 80-90+ times a year.

Same with the rest/pause set, majority of muscle is definitely made on the negative phase of the lift. My only quip with this is that it absolutely requires a dedicated spotter, which I unfortunately don't have at the moment. Squats, deadlifts and OHP I don't need a spotter on, and when I do my one max bench set I don't mind asking for one.

I'll keep this in mind for when I get my workout partner back (if ever).
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