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Originally Posted by BombCenter View Post
From Bimmerfest:
"The crankcase vent valve and 4 associate hoses fail and cause a vacuum leak. The valve gets stuck open and the hoses crack. These last 70-120k miles and usually fail 80-90k miles. Here are a couple diagnoses.
At warm idle, place a small plastic freezer storage bag on its side over the oil fill hole. If the bag sits on top or gets slightly sucked in, ~1", the valve is good. If the bag gets significantly sucked in the hole the valve is stuck open and bad.
With the engine off and cold, carefully remove the hose at the valve cover front corner. Blow hard into the hole. You should hear oil bubbling in the oil pan. If you don't hear the bubbling the top or bottom hose is likely cracked. The bottom hose often breaks just below the valve connection. There can also be cracks in the other two hoses."

Can also place a balloon over dipstick tube (with dipstick removed, obviously) and see if it inflates/partially inflates. Anyone got a balloon? =D

I suppose I'll start with the hoses before replacing the CCV/EGR/PCV/whatever.
This test didn't do anything for me. My hoses were fine, but my valve failed a different way.
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