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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Adam, how hard is it to set up a trust? I'd like to avoid fingerprints if possible.

Also, I heard it was a Form 1 that you could fill out.. you essentially become the manufacturer and that allows you to register just a lower as an SBR.
An NFA trust is very easy to set up, but will probably take some time right now. Without a trust, you need an LLC or the sign off of your CLEO (including the fingerprints). Like Adam said, you need to provide that stuff to Engage, and you are not going to have access to it until your examiner approves it.

I'm going to suggest that you do a lot of research prior to going through the NFA process for an SBR or any other NFA item. It's not something that you want to jump into without really knowing the potential consqequences of your actions from everything regarding co-trustees, constructive intent, leaving your state, etc.

The first two posts in this thread will give you some good information to start your research:

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