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Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
Do only front. You cannot retro the rear 330 brakes on a 325 without changing a lot of parts (half shafts etc), or you risk losing your parking brake.

Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
That is 100% incorrect. 330 rear brakes fit a 325xi no problem.

OP- you need rotors, pads, and calipers with brackets. That's it.
^ This.

Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
Is that due to different rear trailing arms on Xi cars?

Read my thread and you will see why this is NOT a direct swap on non Xi cars.
Yes, the 325xi has the same trailing arm as the 330xi and the 330i. If you look for rear brake rotors, you will find that there is a rotor for the 325i, 330i/xi (interchangeable rotors), and 325xi. Rear rotors are NOT interchangeable between the 325i and 325xi. The difference between the 325i and 330i rotors are in the hats and overall diameter. The difference between the 325xi and the 330xi is just in the overall diameter, the hats are the same and therefore the ebrake will work just fine.

The 325xi, 330i, and 330xi all use the same rear suspension.

Originally Posted by mixedgas401 View Post
Wait .......!!!!! I'm confused. Is this a direct swap or not? I understand the front is but what about the rear?

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You will need to swap calipers, carriers, pads, and rotors on both front and back. No need to mess with trailing arms or any of that sort of thing.

Good luck.

PS: Might I ask what you're looking to get out of this brake "upgrade" other than some extra unsprung weight?

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