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Originally Posted by Wraisil View Post
I've been planning on using the Geissele trigger myself (either SSA or SSA-E) but I'm not really sure the SSA-E really holds any advantage for me. As for buying them, if you can find one in stock, the PSA LPK/LBK that includes them probably has the best "value" overall imo because it does cost significantly less than buying a LPK/LBK and then buying the trigger separately (assuming you're not looking for a higher quality LPK outside of the trigger.
Well, RRA has a LPK without trigger for $55. I can't tell if they are in stock though. PSA doesn't have squat in stock unfortunately, but Geissele themselves do have the triggers in stock (according to their site.) A decent LPK with trigger seems to run about $180-$220 or so, so the RRA+Geissele trigger would be about $290. A little steep, but I guess better buy right, or buy twice....
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