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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
The levers are personally preference..the other amazing thing about Battlearms is they have an amazing trade in program. Order 3 different levers, if you end up hating 1 or 2 of them after you have used it simply send them an email, tell them you want a different one, they will mail it to you first so your gun is never out of commission then you will return the lever you don't want all at NO cost.

Personally I prefer the Standard lever on the main side and a short lever on opposite side, I feel the longer levers on my trigger finger side rub against my hand and the short lever works best for me. These are what they all look like
It's really whatever levers you think you would like using the most, there's no wrong answer and if you hate it oh well get a new one to try.

Gotcha...will go with your advice...standard on the drivers side, short on the trigger finger side...what about the third one?

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