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How much do you try to learn?

This might seem like kind of a ridiculous question to some, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Let's say you're faced with a problem. Whether it's fixing something on your car, configuring some electronics, building a deck, whatever it may be...

Are you one to ask a "professional" and take their word for it, or even not bother to DIY and just ask/pay someone to do it?

Will you go a step further and research what others online (either in articles or on forums) might have to say, so that you get many opinions to choose from?

Or will you do your own research down to the fundamentals of the issue and generate your own conclusions based on that?

A couple examples:
Tightening a critical bolt on your car. You can either trust your mechanic to do it. You can find the torque spec online about what other people are using. Or you can learn about the different grades of bolts, how mechanical joints are designed, and calculate the best torque spec based on that.

Configuring your router. You can leave it at default settings unless something doesn't work right. You can set a password with whatever encryption and maybe some port forwarding for a game or ip camera. Or you can learn about how data encryption, internet protocol, and every other configurable option in the router in order to get the best settings for your use.


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