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I love learning. If I'm working on a bicycle, ill learn everything I can. When I got into snowboarding, I tried to learn everything I could down to how the board is made.
When I'm working on my car and I'm replacing a reinforced hose, ill do some research on why it's reinforced and how that's done.
Ill constantly question why things are designed the way they are when I know the design serves a purpose.
I get really into whatever task I'm faced with no matter how lame or advanced it may be.
My favorite thing to do is learn new things. But I love doing it in a working, real world environment rather than a boring, beige, lectured classroom.

My girlfriend is not this way. She doesn't know what makes her car actually move. She doesn't know why a plane flies. She just accepts things as they are. Sometimes I'll ask her why does she not wonder about these things? She just says she does not care, which blows my mind.
I can never just accept something as what it is. I need to know how and why it does what it does. It amazes and annoys me that people can be so incurious.

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