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Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
It's sometimes hard to draw the line here. How much over the cost of paying someone are you willing to invest in tools to do the job yourself, especially if it's likely going to be a one-time deal?
I'm pretty much the same way as most of the people on here. We are on here because we love to learn, and the forum is a good resource (and a good way to share what we've learned). However, while I do most things by myself, I obviously don't have time for everything and have to prioritize.

I'll give you an example: I've been rebuilding my car since last August after a crash. A brake line was crushed. I now own a bubble flaring tool and learned how to cut, flare, and bend my own brake lines. I could've paid someone $200-300 to fix it, and I probably spent about $150-160 to buy the tools to fix it. But for that $150-160, I thought it was worth the time I spent to learn a new skill and learn how brake lines are flared.

Now, I just ran into another problem this past weekend. When I was re-installing the diff, somehow one of the threads for the diff mounts got cross-threaded and needed to be drilled out and heli-coiled. My time to work on the car is limited and I want to get it back on the ground by mid-March, so I decided to spend the extra $ to have a shop fix those threads so I wouldn't have to deal with the time it takes to learn how to do it and the $ to do it.

tl;dr: I prioritize based on free time I have and deadlines I want to meet. I don't understand people who are not curious about how things work...
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