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Originally Posted by VALMONT View Post
depends on:
Free time
bank account
level of difficulty
require permits/inspections
And add to the bottom: "how much I Give A Sh1t about the matter"

Tightening a bolt? Generally low on the GAS scale. Just torque it until it feels tight then over-torque it until I think I might have screwed up. Then forget about it.

Painting the inside of my house? Do I really need to study paint chemistry . . or can I just go with a good color and a brand that at least one person has said is decent? Because the GAS factor on that is practically zero.

Life is too short to be researching non-important things to death. Maybe if you're single you need stuff to fill your non-work waking hours. But once you have a family that free time is precious. I'm not going to sit around researching torque theory while my kid wants to play with me.
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