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Originally Posted by brew View Post
And add to the bottom: "how much I Give A Sh1t about the matter"

Tightening a bolt? Generally low on the GAS scale. Just torque it until it feels tight then over-torque it until I think I might have screwed up. Then forget about it.

Painting the inside of my house? Do I really need to study paint chemistry . . or can I just go with a good color and a brand that at least one person has said is decent? Because the GAS factor on that is practically zero.

Life is too short to be researching non-important things to death. Maybe if you're single you need stuff to fill your non-work waking hours. But once you have a family that free time is precious. I'm not going to sit around researching torque theory while my kid wants to play with me.
this made me laugh. I guess everyone has different priorities, and mine will change over time. Right now I'm in the learn everything to obsession stage.

Originally Posted by DangerousMind View Post
I try to learn as much as I can and because of this, I have a very broad spectrum of knowledge. I do all of my own projects around the house, fix and customize my own cars, build my own computers, and configure my own electronics. The downside is that my friends take advantage of this constantly. They ask if I am familiar with something, and when I tell them I am, they ask if I can help them with it. I end up doing the whole thing most of the time and they have no interest in learning so they don't pay attention. I don't mind teaching someone who needs help and is willing to learn, but most of the lazy fvckers who ask for help couldn't be bothered learning.

I am definitely a skeptic, and rarely take something as fact until I have proved it to myself via research or whatever means necessary.
I'll do favors for friends that are incapable of it or can't learn, but it's always best to try to teach them a little bit at least.

Look at that subtle jet-black coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a 6mt.
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