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See some of my other posts for a bit more detail. Basically the vibration is still there, though better and more tolerable and the shop that's been working on the car indicates its at a "normal" for this car and other XI's they've worked on.

Additional items than reported above which were replaced and made some improvement were: CSB, TCB, transfer case and a full 4wd fluid service including both diffs and the transfer case was flushed. The TCB bushing and transfer case flush seemed to make the most difference, though I still have a slightly bent wheel but the shop has made it balance out. The TC only holds 2/10's of a quart so the fluid gets beat, mine came out black as hell.

At this point it's livable, and surprisingly somewhat sporadic: at times it drives me crazy and feels horrible but other times its not noticeable. Just a word of caution, if you decide to replace the CSB, make sure you properly preload it and use sound deadening material on the top or you'll get weird noises. Don't ask me how I know!!

Not sure this helped, but its the follow up.


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