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Originally Posted by chilone View Post
Just did my front drivers side yesterday with a Dorman regulator/motor combination. To me, the combo is the way to go as it's very easy swapping the whole thing plus they can be had for about $80.00 and up (I work in auto parts and got mine for free :o]). Here's my two cents about Dorman or other aftermarket vs. OEM: The OEMs are obviously problematic and AT LEAST twice the money. The Dorman unit that I got is made in Taiwan and these days, Taiwan's quality is generally pretty good. Personally I don't think they'll be worse than the originals and for the price, it's worth trying them.

So anyway everything went well except now the door locks don't work and the auto up/down only works going down i.e. I have to hold the button 'till the window is all the way up.

I would think the auto up/down issue is a switch problem but I'm stymied by the lock problem as I didn't disconnet them. I do't really wanna take it apart again Ideas?
5 finger discount...?

Did you remember to disconnect the battery while working on the front doors?
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