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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Reedo, is this the trigger you posted above?

If this the best place to buy them, or is there a better (cheaper) source you can recommend?
The one posted in that picture was the regular SSA, not the SSA-E. However, it depends on how you like your triggers. The SSA is 4.5lbs and the SSA-E is 3.5lbs. The SSA and SD-C are the same, as are the SSA-E and SD-E the same. Keep in mind that the weight of a 2-stage trigger has a tendency to feel lighter than a single stage of the same weight.

If you aren't familiar with their application guide, take a look at it:

The prices on them are pretty constant across the board regardless of where you go. The only way to get discounted pricing is to have LE/MIL discounts with vendors. Buying a whole LPK with a Geissele instead of the milspec trigger is a way to shave off a few bucks.

Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
Good luck getting anybody to commit to a lead time...if you want 2 of the best things you can buy for your gun IMO this is a great package right here:

The bad ass safety is freaking amazing, i have now put one on every rifle i have. Their customer service is above and beyond amazing, the owner answers emails in the middle of the night on weekends and goes out of his way to make you happy, I wish they sold more products just to spend money with battle arms. You get an amazing safety and an awesome trigger, win win. Then find a LPK without FCG and you have a great lower.. You can keep you eye out on whiteoakarmament, they have LPK minus FCG for about $45.
I personally prefer my Noveske 60 degree safety, but Battle Arms Development is a top notch company with a very excellent reputation and I would not hesitate to buy their products.

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Oh it's just an extra? I guess there are only two levers in use right, main side and the other side...the 3rd would be just a spare correct?
There is a third pin included in the Geissele trigger kit, but it's not an operational pin. It's a rounded off slave pin that just assists you in installation.
Or what lever are you referring to?

Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
I guess since the trigger comes with it's own pins it only makes sense to use them and keep the others as spares no?

Also, going back to reedo's comment....what does it mean when a trigger has a "lifespan" of xxxx amout of rounds? What exactly wears out? Seems a bit much having to replace a $250 trigger all the time...
The lifespan is basically an average life of the trigger before it will mechanically fail. The main part that fails on the two-stage is that club foot tail that comes off the back of the hammer and engages the two trigger disconnectors attached to the lower trigger portion.
RRA is known to have the worst reliability of all 2-stages, and you can see this by the very long and narrow shaft of that club foot tail. In contrast, you can see that the KAC is beefed up and is shorter, and the Geissele is the shortest and most beefed-up of all. RRA triggers are known to fail very early and with low round count. They're not combat-capable triggers, which is why they're billed as a National Match trigger.
I don't know what KAC's life span is, but when you consider that the KAC 2-stage costs $329 and the equivalent Geissele SSA costs $210, it's sort of a no-brainer.
As has been stated, Geisseles are rediculously reliable, and there's a reason why they have a lot of SOCOM contracts.
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