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Originally Posted by domcreates View Post
Here's my fail haha. You'll see why I said I definitely want bigger legs in my thread.

Disclaimer. This was after my chest and tricep workout. My legs are skinny. I know. I'm starting to work them out more. I'm ashamed of them

Yes now that I see the video I realize I need to get my arms straighter when I push up. They weren't even all the way up so they don't count.

So this is my first attempt. It can only get better from here lol

I didn't see your video, but as far as going all the way up, you don't want to go to full lock when doing these. Go to just before, as this keeps the pressure on your muscles.

Same thing with incline press with a barbell; you only want to go about 60% down because it then loses pressure on the pec and goes to the shoulders...
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